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Marty @ Made to Measure (click for interview)

Bike riding has taken me up more than anything in my life, I’ve lived and breathed it since I was a young boy; I understand what it is to become one with the bike. That feeling comes from refining technique through decades of passionate obsession.

I spent many years racing road bikes, I raced in Europe, the UK and Australia, I had a stint on the Australian National Team.

To get the very best from myself, I always wanted to perfect the bike, to be sure that every last drop of energy I was pouring into the pedals was being converted to forward movement. That despite the bike being as light as it could possibly be, it handled so well that every corner was carved to the limits of the tyres adhesion with utter confidence. That every bump was a friend, not a foe, so you got to the finish line still fresh enough to battle out the sprint, and that your body was up to doing it all again the next day.

I lived in Oxford in the UK for some years, and was always happy to be surrounded by comfortable utilitarian bikes, especially as they were respected as part of the culture and history of the place. I felt the same way in Amsterdam.

It’s a pleasure to see Sydney embracing the Bicycle as daily transport, almost daily I see the numbers swell. The tremendous sense of freedom a bike gives, its efficiency, its simplicity, its practicality. But more than anything the sense of well being a rider feels every time they feel the wind on their face, the blood pumping through their body, and that still thrilling to me sense, of feeling like a low flying bird.

I’ve been designing bikes since 1989.         Marty Renwick

Wherever you take one of these bikes people seem to stop in their tracks to come over and have a closer look.

Just a few quotes from a recent trip to New York….

“amazing design detail”,

“elegant sculptural beauty”,

“the best welding I’ve ever seen”,

“hands down the most beautiful bikes at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show”.

A picture saves a thousand words.

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